Sealing Material


Polyurethanes play an important role in today’s sealing technology. They have gained an important market share in the global seal market and are mainly used as piston and rod U-rings, wipers and composite seals. We are able to offer to our customers a wide variation of polyurethane compounds, our manufacturing technology guarantees the development of excellent physical properties during polymerization with results in an outstanding material quality.

Rubber Elastomer

Elastomers are widely used in sealing technology due to their thermal and chemical resistance, but have been replaced in many applications by today’s polyurethane materials. Nevertheless they will maintain to play an important role in the sealing industry and remain to be the only solution for many applications. Seals made of rubber elastomers are mainly used as rod and piston U-rings, compact seals, O-rings and as preloading elements in composite seals.


Thermoplastics complete the range of our sealing materials and are mainly used for back-up rings,  guide rings, bearings, bushes and engineered parts. Many have outstanding resistance to high temperature and chemicals, offer excellent sliding properties and can absorb high radial forces. Therefore they are often referred to also as engineering plastics.

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